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HOA & Community (Home Owners Associations)

One thing every resident in an HOA's agrees on is keeping the community safe! Who's coming and going from the neighborhood is always the question. Wishing to keep your entrances, pool areas, parks and recreation areas safe? Are vandals destroying your property? Do you want to know what is going on at night in your neighborhood? How many times have you paid to repair the gates? Surveillance Plus has a solution because video surveillance gives you recourse and the evidence you need to get the facts. Surveillance Plus provides cameras that can view license plates as they drive by your entrance, cameras that can see very long distances, take a picture upon movement, and see into the night. Our surveillance systems can be mounted on clubhouses, pool areas, or other buildings on the property.

Surveillance Plus is also an authorized dealer for the WebWarrior® Site-Sentinel™ the complete Stand-Alone Surveillance Solution designed for HOA's. The Site-Sentinel is attractive, effective, and rugged! Looking like an attractive coach-house streetlight the Site-Sentinel is a vandal resistant system that captures two months of video recording vehicles or persons entering and leaving the community, and it even captures LICENSE PLATES. The Site-Sentinel also boasts high-speed wireless Internet video streaming multiple users can watch and playback from anywhere.
We have approved, licensed, installation contractors who take the time to do the job right and make sure the staff using the equipment is well trained. They will service and check on the equipment at your request for a full year after installation. Come visit our store to see our wide variety of surveillance solutions for your community, let us give you peace of mind in knowing you can always playback and find out what happened. Give us a call today and our sales staff will be happy to answer your questions on security surveillance and offer a solution with a quote that will fit your needs.
Come visit our store to see these cameras as well as all the products available to install. We have knowable staff ready to help you. Come see what Surveillance Plus carries to keep you informed and safe.

For more information on Site-Sentinel™ please visit Site-Sentinel.com
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