Mini Spy Cam 1080P

Covert Spy Camera 1080p Recorder Kit, Wi-Fi, includes camera/recorder module uses a Micro SD card up to 64GB, and Wi-Fi connect, motion detect, put in anything to hide, coke can etc.

Motion Activated DIY Spy Cam with rechargeable battery. Has 2 camera heads. Can use a MicroSD card. Supports recording while charging. Battery life up to 2 hours.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 3.0 x 1.1 x 0.63 inch (76*28*16 mm)

Angle of view: 90 degrees. Minimum Lux: 1. 25 FPS H.264 AVI

Connection: Easy to set up to WiFi. With Free App called LookCam

Shooting distance for motion detection: Straight line 6 meters

The maximum number of app viewers: 4

Notice: Supports 2.4GHz wireless band only, if router is 5GHz, please switch to 2.4GHz, and make sure DHCP is on.


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