Semi-Pro grade Bug Sweep Detector with Camera Finder

Semi-Pro grade Bug Detector and Camera Finder, detects GSM listening devices, 1.2g thru 5G transmitters, GPS trackers, and laser based camera finder can locate most any kind of camera, easy to use


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Hidden Camera Detection from WebWarrior, Inc Plus on Vimeo.


The latest and greatest GPS Detector here. This RF Sweeper is an All-in-one device. Specializing in Vehicle Tracking Detection. Based on German technology to detect various types of illegal spying devices on the market. Including hidden microphones/software, car trackers, wireless pinhole cameras, casino scamming devices, and other WebWarrior, Inc products. It is capable of military and/or policing use. Its ability to detect electromagnetic radiation levels can help you and your family avoid harmful unnecessary exposure. Unlike other products on the market, this device is the first to use advanced digital receiving mode to widen the detection frequencies, effectively avoid interference from the environment. This unit can accurately find CDMA signals. The signal most commonly used for Live GPS Trackers and cell phones. CDMA utilizes frequency hopping developed by the US Military; these signals are hard to detect using regular RF Detectors.Bandwidth range is from 1 Mhz to 8 Ghz. Call 407-877-3500 if you have any questions or would like to order by phone.

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